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 Vista business Edition CD With Permanent Activation Kit

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Nam Tổng số bài gửi : 285
Age : 34
Registration date : 24/01/2007

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Vista business Edition CD With Permanent Activation Kit   Mon Jan 29, 2007 1:53 pm

Bản dùng cho doanh nghiệp kèm crack
Nhưng ai cấm mình dùng nhỉ.

Same as the home Premium, except it will be activated Permanently with the kit. No 30 timer stop, full activation.
The sidebar has to be first time launched in the start menu, then
go into sidebar options and check load with windows.
Has full array of gadgets and works great.
Removed crap like mail, games, screensaver, wallpaper, mind you there is wallpaper in the pictures folder.
Removed Welcome Center
Games (lame)
Application execution Control
AntiSpyware Realtime Protection (tweak)
Substitute common fonts with Segoe UI (tweak)
Internet Information Services (IIS)
BitLocker Drive Encryption
Connect to a Network Projector
Removed Screensavers
Removed Wallpaper
Removed mail program
* new: Merge SWM parts into a WIM (convert Vista CDs into a DVD)
* new: Disable AntiSpyware Realtime Protection (tweak)
* new: Substitute common fonts with Segoe UI (tweak)
* new: 'Internet Information Services (IIS)'

* new: 'Windows Aero Theme'
* new: 'Natural Language'
* upd: Faster image rebuilding (no extraction)
* upd: Photo Viewer separated from the Photo Gallery
* fix: Overlay video playback, codecs issue
* fix: Defender listed on Windows Update when removed
* fix: Various burning page issues
* fix: Tablet PC (Office 2007 dependency)

Everything works without bugs the bloat I removed doesn't affect the Networking and Network Diagnostics,
nor does it affect the sidebar, Internet Explorer. It runs real fast on only 256 megs of ram.
It's running 28 processes and uses 2 gigs of HD space and 240 megs of Physical memory at idle.

I only make this because alot of people in third world countries and for other reasons, only have a cd burner,
like teenagers and students.

Since i made it using the MSDN binaries, it asks for serial.
The reason i didn't make it with the business standalone is it doesn't ask for a key but
only gives you 3 days to activate, this way you have 30 days to get your KMS server working.

rapidshare.com ViBECDAkit.part1.rar
rapidshare.com ViBECDAkit.part2.rar
rapidshare.com ViBECDAkit.part3.rar
rapidshare.com ViBECDAkit.part4.rar
rapidshare.com ViBECDAkit.part5.rar
rapidshare.com ViBECDAkit.part6.rar
rapidshare.com ViBECDAkit.part7.rar
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Vista business Edition CD With Permanent Activation Kit
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