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 Windows XP Black Edition USA Retail Final DVD

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Nam Tổng số bài gửi : 285
Age : 34
Registration date : 24/01/2007

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Windows XP Black Edition USA Retail Final DVD   Fri Feb 02, 2007 9:19 pm

Windows XP Black Edition USA Retail Final DVD

Office 2007 Enterprise
Acrobat 8.0
Photoshop CS2
Diskeeper 2007
OO Defrag 8.5.178
WindowBlind 5.04 Enhanced plus many new themes
Open Office 2.10
TuneUp Utilities 2007 English
Norton partition Magic 8.05
Registry Mechanic 6.2
IS****** 10
Microsoft Java VM Build 3809
Sun Java 2 Version5.0.6 W/SP2
Azureus 2.5.00
IE 7 Final Activated
Firefox 2.01
Opera 9.02
BS Player Pro 2.12.942
Klite Codec Pack 2.80
Win DVD 8 Platinum
WM Player 11
Nod32 2.57
ZoneAlarm 6.5.737.2006 Pro
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 7.0.279 Beta (ROCKS!!)
Blindwrite By eXperience
Nero 7.590A Premium Full
Nero 7.59 Lite
Poweriso 3.5
DivX Create Bundle 6.4
Fraunhofer IIs MP3 Codec
Quicktime Alternative
Adaware SE Pro
Acrobat Reader
DVD DEcryptor
Magic Isomaker
PeerGuardian 2
VmWare 5.53
Winzip 10
Windows Vista RTM sidebar plus extra gadgets

Vista RC2 Sidebar v5744 and VAIO for Windows XP BY ricktendo64
Made nLite 1.2.1 & 1.3beta compatible
- Added Segoe Print and Segoe ****** Fonts (Fixes Notes Gadget)

12/20/06 v1.3
- Added more cool Gadgets (Black Jack, Tetris, Bricks, Pong, Command Launcher, Internet Search)
- Fixed Version Number in Add-Remove Programs (from 5477 to 5744)
- Minor RegDLL Changes
- Now uses ProfileItems for QuickLaunch Shortcut

12/07/06 v1.1
- Improved Installation process (No more RunOnceEx Box)
- Fixed VAIO Shell Extension not registering
- Added Vista Calculator and Drive Info Gadgets
- Changed skin to Glass
- Quick Launch shortcut moved to UserProfile

12/4/2006 v1.0
- Systray Icon issue FIXED! (Had to go from RTM 6.0.6000 down to RC2 6.0.5744, I will go back to RTM when the new VAIO Build is released)
- Added Calibri fonts (Fixes CPU Meeter)
- Changed the Sidebar Skin to a much nicer one as you can see in the screenshot (Fade Skin)
- Changed Shortcut placement from All Programs to All Programs -> Accesories
- Removed most 3rd party gadgets to save space (I only include the defaults and 4 extra ones)
- No more 30 sec CMD window during t13


rapidshare.com BE.part01.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part02.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part03.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part04.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part05.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part06.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part07.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part08.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part09.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part10.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part11.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part12.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part13.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part14.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part15.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part16.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part17.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part18.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part19.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part20.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part21.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part22.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part23.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part24.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part25.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part26.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part27.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part28.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part29.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part30.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part31.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part32.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part33.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part34.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part35.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part36.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part37.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part38.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part39.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part40.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part41.rar
rapidshare.com BE.part42.rar

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Windows XP Black Edition USA Retail Final DVD
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